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We all want to live in a neat, orderly home, but sometimes you may feel that dream is out of your reach. Fortunately, a professional organizer can help you get ahead and stay ahead on home organization. If you live in the Tampa Bay, FL, area, contact Kate Hickey at Organized by Kate for a variety of organization services that will help you own your space.

When you contact me, I’ll evaluate your needs and provide personalized organization solutions. I can declutter, clean, organize, and create effective and elegant storage solutions so that your home can stay organized when I’m finished. Whether you need a decluttered and optimized closet, a more efficient and streamlined style for your living space, or organization services for your next move, I’m a home organizer you can count on.

If you’re ready to live in a well-organized home that allows you to express your personal creativity, book an appointment below.

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Home Organizer in Tampa Bay, FL

Look no further than Organized by Kate for excellent organization services. I, Kate Hickey, can help create a relaxing environment by cleaning and decluttering your home.

Why Choose Organized by Kate

I am passionate about bringing joy to people through my services and expertise in design. As a home organizer, I know how to get the job done. You can expect efficient and effective organization solutions from me.

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What I Offer

I am committed to creating a clean and clutter-free space for you. At Organized by Kate, I provide creative storage solutions for your closet, bathroom, home office, and more. With my keen attention to detail, I can help you with closet organizing and clutter repair.


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Eliminate stress and experience happiness by decluttering and designing your dream space with me. Get in touch to learn more about my services.